Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Myrtle Beach

I’m finally getting around to writing about my spring break, which was almost a month ago! My friend Hope and I went to Myrtle Beach for a few days (an 11 hour drive) and then drove another 11 hours to southern Florida for a few more days. We didn’t really do any sightseeing in either place- we both work multiple jobs and just wanted to get away to relax. So, relax we did!

When we left my apartment at dark o’thirty in the morning, the ground, cars and parking lot were covered in snow- getting out of BC was just awful! There were accidents every few feet on the highway and we were so glad once we got to normal, dry roads! Getting out of the city was the worst part (aside from the ticket but we’re not going to talk about that!)

IMG_0286 - Copy

Once we got to Myrtle Beach, we had our suites to ourselves. We were sharing them with my aunt, uncle and two cousins but they didn’t arrive until late the next day. From my room, I could see multiple palm trees (YAYYYYY!!!) and a lazy river- although the weather was too cold to use it while we were there.



One of the most exciting things about South Carolina to me was the Piggly Wiggly stores. I had seen them in movies but wasn’t sure they really existed! ;)



Isn’t the pig just so darn cute?!

I liked the look of this place on the way to Barefoot Landing, where we ran into an alligator and lots of turtles!


barefoot landing

alligator   If you have ever been to Barefoot Landing- they have a store there called Purple Etc. We came across it accidentally while wandering around, but Hope’s favorite color is purple purple PURPLE so she absolutely loved it. It was a little overload if you ask me…. but then again, I’m not a purple girl! ;)

We did spend some time on the beach, but it was only like 50* and way too cold to go in the water. It was pretty though!






And a few pictures of the palm trees- gosh, I think palm trees just make for a happier world!




So, there you have the first part of our vacation. I’ll post about Florida soon!


  1. i remember my first year of teaching when i discovered the (only) piggly wiggly in nashville. i went in just to say i'd shopped there...i was not all that impressed.

    gorgeous beach pics...jealous of your ocean time...

  2. Girl, you are not afraid to jump in the car and drive! What fun!


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