Friday, April 16, 2010

Not The Same

I swear to you, I did actually GO on vacation. I took pictures, even. But by golly, between my internet being constantly down (I'm babysitting now), work drama, other things...I've lost my blogging/vacation-sharing mojo. 

So, I'm moving.

In 5 weeks.

I'll be in the same city (almost). Definitely in the same state. Just a few miles from where I am now. I'll be living with one of my closest friends. I don't want to mess this up! My past two roommate situations have not turned out to be the best, so saying I'm not nervous at all would be a lie. I don't want to ruin our friendship because 1) like I said, she's one of my closest friends and 2) we still work together at the, come next fall, I don't know. But either way, it would be great if we could live together and still be friends. Haha. 

Now, we did just spend spring break together-- 8 days of being together 24/7. In long car rides, sweltering heat...and we didn't even come close to killing each other. So there's hope, I guess. 

We're alike in that we are both sarcastic, teachers, like some of the same tv shows/movies, reading,  awesome people...

But man, we're also really different. LOL! She's a healthy girl, a runner and man alive, I think she'll die when she sees all the crap I eat. I'm a tad worried about that. And I spend more time on the computer than she a lot. I mean, we'll both be working (welllll...for July & August at least...did I mention I have most of June off? Yea, I have most of June off! Which means I'll be around the house a lot...either that or gone meandering across the USA...can I come visit any of you? babysit for you??) and I have my babysitting and she has her 2nd job working in a store...

but it will just be different, a change from how life is now. And that's a little bit of scary!


  1. When I had the opportunity to live with my best friend, it brought us closer together. We experienced our first real fight and it helped us become better communicators in all relationships. It will be a great time for you, I'm certain!

  2. Well, Bethany, I will be praying for you in your new venture! But, don't worry. Show her love and consideration, treat her as you would want to be treated--and it'll be fine!
    Wendy @ Faith's Firm Foundation

  3. Bethany, I neglected to say the most important part, and that is to take this, pick it up, and place it into the loving hands of your Heavenly Father. Pray, but leave it there.

  4. You can come to San Antonio. Of course it will be 302 degrees by then!

  5. I think it's normal to feel nervous given the previous experiences you've had and excited at the same time given how good of friends you are. It will all work out the way its supposed to.

    Oh and you are more than welcome to come up here to Michigan and visit for a few days! The boys and I would love company while Jason is at work all day every day, once summer hits, and we could explore together since I'm nervous about going anywhere with the boys by myself ;) consider it an open invitation, if you want to get away for a few days!

  6. Hope it all works out for you :)

  7. Consider yourself invited to my house in June! :)
    Aidan gets out of school June 3rd. Bring yourself on over!
    I wish I could bring you to SC w/ me. My parents' party, then Gatlinburg. I'd pay you to babysit them a little while we set up for the party! Huh. Wonder if we could afford that.

    Anyway, come on over at least once! Maybe we can meet up w/ Crystal and par-tay har-day.

  8. It's scary... But sounds exciting, too. Good luck, my dear!


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