Monday, April 26, 2010

(Not So) Mundane Monday

My days have been extra busy lately due to a new interest...biking!

I don’t exercise. Like, ever. Unless racing kids across the playground or playing tag with them count? So yea, I don’t exercise.

In the dead of winter, I had a bright idea- why not take up biking once the weather got warmer? There are lots of metro parks around here and I own a bike. So, once March rolled around and we had some warm days, I bought a bike rack and decided to try it out.

And you know what? I’m really enjoying it! At first I wasn’t going very far, but then last Thursday I pushed myself and ended up going about 7 1/2 miles! That may not sound like a lot but for me- a person who doesn’t go to the gym, doesn’t run, doesn’t lift weights, well I was proud of myself!

Today I did about 8.2 and could definitely feel it- especially at the end. Yikes, my legs were just like “we’re done!”  but I finished! I made a new workout Itunes playlist that runs an hour and today I used 45 minutes of it. I have no idea if that’s good or bad but I figure the biking I’m doing is more than I did this time last year. Haha.

And today? Oh, I had fun. It rained almost all day so there were lots of puddles and one really huge one. So, I did what a country girl would do and went through it. Twice. What can I say?


Sometimes I go biking early in the morning, leaving my apartment around 7:30- this gives me time to bike, shower, etc. before work. I like going at this time because there are hardly any people on the trail- but lately, it’s still so cold!

The other time I go is after work, getting to the park sometime between 6 and 6:30- now it’s warmer at this time, but it can be hard to find a parking spot at the park! Sigh, I guess you can’t win!

What’s your exercise schedule? What do you do?


  1. OK, that looks like a lot of fun! Puddles are fun. Good for you.
    Oh, and coming from a person who usually exercises a lot, that IS a good amount of exercising you're getting!

  2. How funny, good for you!!!!

  3. Yay for finding something you like! The only exercise that I've found and really enjoyed is swimming. Just went back to the pool last night...and my goggles (which I've had since I was 10) broke. Will go back again today to pick up where I left off.

    I'm not a morning person, so I like to exercise in the afternoon, after work. I hope to go 3-4 times a week, but we'll see.

  4. this is fantastic!! It's so much fun taking up something new; soon your be getting all decked out in biker gear. I'm totally paranoid about you going there early when there are not a lot of people out. Be super careful. I've seen too many 48 hrs episodes to fuel my paranoia!

  5. Yay! I am happy you are loving the bike! Biking can be SO FUN. Now, you didn't mention it... but I asuume you are wearing a helmet?

    For exercise, I run 3 three times a week, cross train 2 and sometimes do strength and yoga.

  6. That's awesome.

    I don't do any sort of exercise. I probably should.

  7. I exercise my willpower... meaning, I limit my coffee intake to one (or two) cups a day. That's the only heavy lifting I do. ;-)


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