Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Right Choice

Summer jobs, that is. 

It's looking like I basically have two job offers. I really like both families, both sets of kids. The families both live in fine areas, one closer to downtown in a neighborhood that encourages walking- there is a Panera, parks, library, etc. all within walking distance. The other lives in a middle class neighborhood filled with kids and close to a school. Both sets of parents are fine with me taking their kids places. Both are flexible for the summer and want part time care, which is what I'm looking for. Both seem really easy going...either way, I'm going to let one family down because it doesn't seem like either of them are looking at anyone else for childcare. 


I hate decisions like this, I really do. 

I'd love to make a decision by this weekend, for my peace of mind as well as letting the family I don't choose have enough time to choose someone. Times like this, I just wish someone could tell me what to do, you know????


  1. call me tonight. Maybe as we talk about it out loud it will seem more clear.
    Sometimes an objective opinion can be good. ;) Is the pay the same for each family, too? Which one is closer to where you live?
    Same # of kids for each family? Ages of children?
    Do any of the kids have allergies you'd need to worry about?

    Just throwing some things out to help.(or try to help)

  2. It is hard to make any decision when you KNOW you're going to be letting someone down! If you really truly like your options equally maybe you should then consider what would be best/easiest for you. Good luck deciding!

  3. Go with your gut, its a good problem to have!

  4. It's nice to have choices, but it can be hard, too. I agree with what others have said here - if all else is equal - choose the job that will be easiest for you. And listen to your gut. It's usually right.

  5. If you're going to have a problem with work for the summer, I'm glad this is it... but that still doesn't make the decision easy.

    But at the end of the day, remember that it is a huge compliment that you're in such demand! :-)


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