Thursday, May 20, 2010

Orange Juice

What are you up to this week?

I'm up to my eyeballs in orange juice. Orange juice, burgers, packing, biking, sinks, and burns that is!

Let me explain.

The orange juice story begins almost two weeks ago. My sisters and I went shopping at Wally World to buy a ton of food & drinks for a Mother's Day brunch & cookout. Unknown to us (and apparently no one was counting!) one of the orange juice concentrates was left in the back of my car when we were unloading bags. On my way to a graduation last weekend, I was driving my car in the hot sunshine and heard a *POP!* but wasn't sure what it was. The following day, I was unloading boxes and found the OJ allllllll over the back of my car. Yep. Gross.

So, I've spent a few days applying water & soap, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and some kind of odor eliminator over and over on the carpet. Rinse, repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

It's exactly how I planned on spending this week. Of course.

And the car still smells like fermented OJ. It's awful!

Burgers- Ohhh- there is a local hotspot that has $3 burgers on Wednesdays. My coworker Aimee and I were both needing some girl time this week and the baseball game we planned on attending Monday was rained out, so after work on Wednesday, we headed over there. I love their decorations and we had so much fun! It was great to do something other than work and pack and well, deal with the OJ.
Packing is pretty much done. I have a few random stuff hanging around that I'm planning to stick in boxes tonight but I'm excited to get to my new (temporary, at least!) home on Saturday and get settled...which won't be hard. This is all I'm taking with me (& clothes and books)…
IMG_0787 IMG_0788
Ahh! Okay, so I've still been biking a lot, but the weather this week was crappy and today was the first day weatherwise that I could go. Last time, I biked about 9.2 miles so tonight I was shooting for 10. Guess what?
Yep, that’s 16+ miles! YAY!!!!!!!
Oh…and a few other lovely amusements of the week- my clogged sink (good luck doing dishes in that sink!) and another self-inflicted burn. Not nearly as bad as last time!

So, that’s what my week has been like- soooo much fun! ;) How about you?


  1. Aw, Bethany! I hope your Friday and weekend goes a LOT smoother for you.

  2. YIKES! You've been busy. Hope the OJ smell is going away by now. Great job on the bike ride.

  3. Wow, so sorry you got burned. I do that all the time, I'm known for grazing my arm on the rack in the oven at least once a year, LOL! Aloe vera gel helps my burns heal better, especially when I can find it with the added lidocaine. Ahhhhh, no pain.

    Don't believe I've ever smelled fermenting orange juice... hmmm, doesn't sound very pleasant. Hope it has cleared up for you. (Febreze?)

    It has been hard to get my biking in lately here, too. My migraines, Kansas wind and thunderstorms keeping me from it. But I squeeze in a ride when I can, though! GREAT JOB going for 16 miles! *woot*


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