Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pattern Poll

I am looking to buy a Beco Butterfly to use this summer with Care Bear, the baby girl I'll be watching. Any experience you have I'd love to hear about-- in the meantime, these are the patterns I'm trying to decide between...which one(s) get your vote??

**Update: The poll is to the right of my blog on the sidebar. I can't get it to work inside the post. Thanks!**

#1- Aiden pattern

(all photos via Ebay)

#2- Lucas pattern

#3- Natalie pattern

#4- Carnival pattern


  1. You will love love LOVE the Beco! Such a wonderful carrier. Where are you ordering it? and do free shipping. ;)
    Generally I opt for more solid colors, even though I love the patterns.
    Of the patterns, the first one gets my vote. Very nice!
    I do not like the lavender one at all.
    Enjoy! Happy Babywearing! It's been a lifesaver for us in newborn stages.

  2. I really like the last 2, but I voted for the first 'cause I think it might be better to get one that you could use with future charges (or your own children) regardless of their sex.


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