Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thankful for Weekends

I've been putting off blogging, writing a "real" post, because I don't know what to write! My days are mainly governed by work. Lately the weather has been wonderful meaning afternoons are spent outside on the playground. There have been days where I've been outside for three hours straight, like today. I loooove the sunshine but it makes me tired, especially combined with biking and running after the kids!

Work in general is's okay. I'm really down about the fact I most likely won't be returning to my school, and it makes work sad and stressful for me, even more than before. Jessa hasn't been around much...of the past 10 days she's been scheduled to work with me, I've seen her four. FOUR. So ridiculous I cannot even wrap my mind around it. How she was not fired months ago, I do not know, but it's crazy. There are so many behind the scenes things going on that I can't even mention, but suffice to say that on Saturday, after spending the day with two of my closest co-workers, I completely broke down and had a sob fest. I don't cry...almost never. But it got to the point that I couldn't hold it in longer so it's probably a good thing that I let it out. I'm sure it will happen again. 

In other news...
my current roommate moved out...
my lease is up at the end of the month...
I am moving in 16 days...
Lots of address changes, utilities to turn off, calls to make...
(This is probably why I never blog when I'm moving, haha)
School will be done three weeks from today...
I'll be traveling a lot in June- Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire
I am really looking forward to the summer!

I need to run now--- I'm packing, not for the move today but to spend the weekend with my family. One of my sisters is graduating from college! Go, Amata!


  1. Praying your summer is fun and stress-free. You'll make it through this season.

  2. It sounds overwhelming, but you're going to kick butt this summer and make life work. I promise. :-)

  3. My sister-in-law graduated from Steubie last weekend, Diana Martin. You probably saw another sister-in-law of mine at her graduation (Kelly??). Congrats to your sister! I didn't know she was at FUS, very cool!


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