Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bethany Is…

Have you ever Googled your name with “is” to see what pops up? Here’s what’s new in the “Bethany is” world!

Bethany is…

…the cute college girl of the day (not sure I want to follow that link!)
… dumb (sometimes that is true.)
…an affordable college choice (Bethany Lutheran College in case you were looking for a college)
… turning into Nathan Lane (who is that?)
… a tigre (oh geez)
… a village in Jerusalem (that is true!)
awesome (well now, THERE we go!) Might as well stop there!

I was also on Statcounter earlier checking out how exactly people come to my blog. It always brings up interesting searches!

Sleeping in her underwear. (WHAT?! Where does that come from?..ohh… I remember now!)
Marble Falls, Texas (hmm, never been there but according to a test I did a long time ago, it would be a good place for me to live…)
Baby feet art (really? Oh, that was when I was on my way to meet baby Elsie, I think!)
Texas tattoos (Okay, I definitely don’t have one of those!)

Eh, not as interesting as other times. Do you ever look to see what words bring people to your blog?


  1. I get a lot of Princess DIana and Anne of Green Gables ("Diana is ocming to tea") stuff when I google "Diana is..." LOL! Funny stuff. There's also one about "Diana struggling with credit cards"... but I don't own one, have never had one, ha!

    Words are interesting, huh! Amazing "word soup" we all have on our blogs, huh!

  2. I don't think you want to turn into Nathan Lane, but at least that'd be comical! The Bethany College thing is funny to me, as it's in a small town in KS that I have connections to. It may be affordable, but I wouldn't want to live in that small of a town!

  3. I've never done the google thing - I must!

  4. How fun, I'm going to do that :)


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