Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jobs and Roommates

School ended a little over two weeks ago and it was such a whirlwind I feel I’m just now catching my breath and realizing what happened. When I’ve been with friends recently, they want to know how I’m doing, and the truth is I’m doing really well. I talk to a lot of my co-workers via phone regularly and since I’m living with one of the girls from work I’m still kept in the loop. Yay for perfect timing!
In reality, I haven’t been thinking about school too much. It’s not purposely, but I’m just really enjoying my summer break and the stress that came with working with Jessa completely diminished. I actually have one more Jessa story to share at some point, but the woman was just nutty (as if we didn’t know!).
So- I’m working a little with my summer job, which is nannying for a 4 month old little girl I call Care Bear. She’s adorable and a good baby, so we’ve enjoyed walks through her neighborhood and hung out at her house. Once my family reunion is over and I’m on to my normal work schedule in July, hopefully we’ll hang out with friends of mine at the mall/zoo/parks. Her parents seem really easy going so far, and it’s pretty easy!
My new roommate situation is going well! We’re good friends and have had a few roomie movie nights in the past few weeks. I really haven’t been here very much since moving in- I’ve been babysitting overnight/out of town for 11 nights and have only lived here a little over three weeks. It’s been fun having a roommate who actually talks to me!
So, I’ve already had one job offer. I thought that I wouldn’t really be job searching until July because of my travel commitments (plus I want to see how my summer job goes!). There is a possibility that my summer job could be combined with another family to create a job share, but the job offer I received was for a different nanny share job- a preschooler, a toddler, and two infants. It was a friend of a friend—truthfully, I just wasn’t ready to make a decision regarding fall yet, so I had to tell them that and they will find someone else to begin right away. Still, it’s good to know I’m in demand and can (hopefully) find a job in my field when the time comes. I will probably be nannying again for now instead of returning to a school job- that is just a bit too overwhelming at this point.
Anyway, that’s my job update!


  1. Isn't it great when things just seem to fall into place little by little. So glad to hear the summer is going well for you, hon! Enjoy your weekend! =)

  2. I'm so happy for you. You totally deserve all the great things that are happening in your life.

    Here's to wonderful days ahead!!

  3. yay :)
    i'll be nannying this fall too. and then...who knows? i'm seriously considering a flight attendant dealio.

  4. I'm glad things are going well and sound more peaceful.


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