Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miley Cyrus

I don’t really write about celebrities here very much, if at all. I do like reading People magazine and semi-follow a few of my favorites- Lauren Graham, Sandra Bullock…but that’s about it.
Last week when my sisters and I were in a hotel up north, Miley Cyrus was being interviewed on tv. I’m pretty sure the last time I saw Miley, she looked like this:
The childhood star has grown up, let me tell you what! Little Miley doesn’t exist anymore- in her place stood a screaming (literally) teen announcing to the world, “I can’t be tamed”….woah.
I know Hannah Montana ended. I get that. I also get that Miley is 17 and probably feels a lot of pressure to grow up, more so than the normal teens who are not born and bred Hollywood. I understand that she wants to “show” the world that she sees herself as an adult set aside from the Hannah Montana character.
However, Miley—we don’t need to see as much as you’re showing. If you want to show us that you are adult-like, act like it. Dress like an adult and don’t scream words like “I can’t be tamed” in my ears. Actions speak louder than words…


  1. if this was posted on facebook...i'd 'like' it...about a gazillion times! :)

  2. ha! love that picture of conservative Miley in the puffy buttoned-up cardigan -- she's come a long way (and not in a good sense)

  3. EXCELLENT post.
    It saddens me what Miley is doing. My 11yo niece was a huge fan of hers. I had hopes she could continue to be a good role model. And WHY are her parents allowing this?!
    You're right, Bethany. Being a grown up is the opposite of what she's doing. I hope she catches on sooner than later.


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