Saturday, June 19, 2010

Skinks and Amish Country

I was recently visiting my aunt in Virginia, and they found one of these critters in their basement!
It’s a skink…I don’t think I’d ever seen one and the one at their house was BIG! It was an older one so the stripes had faded and we ended up taking it to a nature center to find out for sure what animal it was. As it turns out, they are native to that area but it was the largest one the science teacher had ever seen. It was cute!
On my trip back from Philly I got to drive through a town I’ve always wanted to see- Lancaster, PA! We used to live right behind a family of Amish and I enjoy reading about and learning more about them. I wish I’d spent more time in Lancaster--- it’s a pretty place!


  1. I'd pass out if that thing was in MY house. No thank you!
    But uh, yeah, "cute". ;)

    I'm jealous. I want to visit Amish country.

  2. Aww, where in Virginia were you? I lived there for eight years (before I moved out to Washington last December).

  3. We're always finding lizards in our yard... they love my gardens and the rocks I have in them, "cause they sure enjoy their sun naps on them, haha! I think they're cute! (Ever heard a gecko make his lady call? I have!)

    I have Amish and Mennonite in my family, and my ancestry. I would so love to visit that part of the country, to come to Pennsylvania and see all of that. Beautiful photos, Bethany!

  4. Yes, what part of VA? VA is my backyard and I think I would FREAK if I saw that!!! I LOVE Lancaster! There is SO much to do there!

  5. What pretty countryside.


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