Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tweet Tweet

I am a fan of Twitter.

I know.

My grandma doesn’t understand, either. She wants to know why we all have lapbooks (aka laptops) and doesn’t understand why I would want random people reading my thoughts…but you are not random people, are you? If you’re not a follower of me yet, click on the button on the left that says “follow me on Twitter”… to give you a taste of what you’ve been missing in the past year, here is what I’ve tweeted but probably haven’t blogged…or Facebook. I love Twitter because I can post on it all the time and not feel like I’m overdoing it on Facebook. Haha!

- Epic win: bringing a spray bottle with me to the park to cool off :) Seriously, best idea yet. I was soooo hot at the park but the spray bottle made it all better!

- Well, didn't get anything at all shopping. faiiiiil I’m a failure at being a girl. I hate shopping.

- Have lots of errands and packing to do today! Leaving tomorrow am for two weeks! Yea, I’m actually on that trip now. This is actually a scheduled, aka fake, post.

- My roomie and I might do a little shopping today. Neither of us are shoppers so I'll be surprised if we make it 2 stores! We made it to one. ONE. See above.

- Who decided biking in 90* weather was a good idea? Oh yea, that would be me. I’m so smart. You know you want to be my friend.

- Little girl I'm babysitting has woken up twice in last half hour...she's 6 so not normal...hope she's not getting sick! She’s okay, she was just worn out from swimming like 5 days in a row. Her mom thanked me for taking such good care of her. I try!

- Hmm, thinking Chipotle for late lunch/dinner. Haven't had anything to eat yet today. Yikes. I had Chipotle that day, a shredded beef taco or three. YUMMY. And when I wrote that, it was 3:30 pm so it wasn’t Chipotle for breakfast or anything. Like I’d ever do that.

- Called to schedule an oil change and they can fit me in now. Guess I'm doing that! They even gave me a $10 discount, for what I don’t know but they did my oil change in like 20 minutes flat and I wasn’t going to complain. I love my car place. Except they probably love me even more, because I give them a lot of money.  A LOT.

- Giraffe licking my camera... Yea that was cool. I like the picture. More coming on that later!

- Heading out soon to babysit and deliver ice cream gift to one of my old coworkers. Looking forward to seeing her! It WAS good to see her. I have to tell you about the latest ice cream trick I played on her. Thanks for reminding me, Twitter!

- Highlighting my 15 y/o sister's hair for the first time. Yikes. Hope it works okay. I will have to check when I see her in a week or so. I forgot to look. I guess it doesn’t look awful because my mom hasn’t called to yell at me about it.

- Love how the hospital has wifi. Sitting in class. Lol When I saw this one, I had to ask myself, “why were you in the hospital?!” then I remembered I was there for a class for work. Probably didn’t stick.

- Can I cram 5 states and various cities all in June before the fam reunion???hmmmm Yes you can because you did and look how flippin fun the map looks! 30816_538558708320_144901829_31664973_3501205_n

- Biked about 8 miles tonight- kinda proud of myself! You can do better than that. Wuss.

- Dear legs, you didn't like that bike ride, did you?? I might have overdone it a tad...sorry! Whatever. Your legs look awesome now. Biking rocks.

- Ahhh. What an awesome, fun day with my coworkers. I love these girls Yes you do because they are fun people. And they also rock. And if you keep telling yourself this, you will stay in touch with them even though you are not working with them anymore. You WILL.

See what you’ve been missing?!?


  1. i have yet to twit...tweet...whatever.

    i'm scared to! i'm already addicted to blogging and facebook...

  2. I love Twitter! I don't do a LOT of tweeting myself, and I don't have a lot of followers or following very many, but those I do I'm interested in! How did I miss that you are on there... gonna go add you! Cool! =)

  3. LLOL!! Twitter is kind of addictive.


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