Saturday, July 31, 2010

Abandonment, Reversed

Just about a year ago, I wrote a post about how three of my four very close friends all moved away within a few month span. I’ve missed hanging out with them- we did a lot togther. They were the crew I’d go to movies with, out to dinner, to the piano bar…they were my buddies and we were close.

Somewhere, the moving gods are laughing at me, since just this past week I’ve been looking at various jobs in my state and states east of here. I had an interview opportunity in Connecticut, which I was interested in but found out the nanny position was a live-in and decided not to go for. I really have no interest in being a live-in nanny.

Enter Wednesday…and my friend Lyn called to tell me she’s moving back to BC.

Wow, that’s exciting! She gets along pretty well with my roommate/friend Hope too, so that was awesome news.

Night came, and morning came….Thursday.

Lita called. She’s moving back to BC.


I just sat there and laughed, and laughed. I told Hope about these two friends of mine and their news, and her reaction was, “Sweet, you’re not moving away then are you?”


I think that I’ll probably be staying in BC. How can I move away when my closest friends are moving back?

Some days, you just have to laugh!


  1. What lovely news for you - it's so nice to have friends close by.

  2. YAY!!! I am so happy for you, and it's GOOD to hear you happy. :)

  3. awesome news...gotta love calls like that, life sure is funny!

  4. sounds like you're meant to stay in BC! What fun to have your friends move back! Good times!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. LOL, didn't I just say your YAY moments are just round the corner?!!!

    So happy for you, sweetie!!!

  6. That IS great news! Unless you have to move away, of course.

  7. You never know what each day will bring you! Glad you got some good news!

  8. Don't you just love when the Universe decides to cooperate and things just go the right way. I don't really believe in sheer coincidences though. It sounds like you are meant to stay right where you are. :)

  9. How awesome that they are coming back!!!


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