Thursday, July 15, 2010


I feel like June and July have brought a lot of changes for me as well as those close to me and I don't know where to start. 

Bug (the little boy I babysit for quite frequently) is moving in a week. He'll be a few towns over living with his parents in his grandmother's house while his parents search for a new house to call home. I'm guessing my babysitting with him will significantly decrease because of this, but we'll see. I hope not...

Since my return from vacation I've been babysitting Care Bear about 32-33 hours a week. I have 3 almost 10 hour days and then work just three hours on Wednesdays. So far the schedule is working out well but on my day completely off, I've been babysitting either Bug or some of my old students so I haven't actually been off!

I've seen a few of my old co-workers since vacation as well. I had fun but it was really hard to hear them talk about school related things. I explained to them that it's hard, just so they know why I might seem quiet if we're all together, at least in the beginning. One of my old co-teachers (who also left) saw our old boss at a grocery store and hid in her car. LOL. I'm glad it wasn't me who saw her! In all actuality, I *know* I made the right decision, 100%, but it's really hard to hear about school especially when I don't know what I'm doing in the fall. Everyone I talk to wants to know and I try not to sound frustrated as I explain that I still don't know. If my summer job doesn't pan out to continue in the fall, I'm okay with that and not concerned about finding a childcare job. I'm really not. 

Living with my friend is going well. Anytime I mention possibly moving out of the state, she speaks her mind and tells me to stay. LOL. We did a major clean of the apartment today and hit Walmart together- it's kind of fun to have someone to go places with, I'm not going to lie. Our checkout guy was really funny though (actually, he may have been drunk or stoned, I would not be surprised.) Our conversation went something like this:

Hope (roommate) had already walked up to the checkout counter while I tried to find some birthday cards. I walked up to the same one and the checkout guy was helping the person in front of her. 

Me: Fancy seeing you here!
Hope: Mhhhhmm. Who would have thought?!

Guy gives us a really weird look while trying to talk to the customer. Customer then walks away. 

Checkout guy (we'll call him Roy). 
Roy: Do you guys, like...know each other or something?
Me: Yep
Hope: We're roommates.
Roy: And you, like, didn't, like, know the other one was here? That's really funny.
Hope: Actually we did, and she's my ride home so I better be nice to her. 
Roy: Oh. (looks very confused)

LOL, we have fun, what can I say??


  1. Poor Roy...he will be confused for days! ;)

    Hoping the job pans out for you, come fall!

  2. Ok, wait, is Bug the same as Chubster?!


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