Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Toy :)

Technically, I'm back in town. I arrived straight from Rhode Island about 30 hours ago...more on that later! I have SO many pictures to share! Being gone for a two week stretch seemed like forevvver though.

While I was gone, my BlackBerry conked out so I ended up with a new phone/toy. 

Yep, I have joined the iPhone family! For those of you who already have iPhones, what are your favorite apps? I've already been introduced to Talking Carl and Angry Birds. My godson is completely addicted to Angry Birds!


  1. Oh my gosh, you techy-girl, you!
    I'm sure PB is a tad jealous. Aren't these things like $600?!

  2. woo! what kind? did you get the super awesome new 4G? when mine poops out or i have an upgrade available i'm totally getting the newest version possible. :)

    my favorite apps...inrix traffic (for road closures, accidents, etc...a must in nashville)
    facebook (duh)
    pandora radio
    sportacular (if you want to keep up with any of them)
    musicid or shazam (i prefer musicid)
    words with friends (oh PLEASE get that one and play with me! it's like scrabble!)
    food network

    ...and that's just a few :)

  3. Welcome to the iPhone world! I've had mine almost 2 years and love it! I still have original 3G (no, not even 3GS). It's fabulous!

    My new favorite app is Doodle Jump. Addictive & fun.

    BTW -- the new iPhone is NOT 4G, it's just the iPhone 4. 4G will come out later (faster, newer network). I'm holding out for that. Well, at least until I break my current phone. One step at a time I guess...

  4. You must get words with friends! I'm sooner.kk :)

  5. I have a Droid Eris, very cool. I can do everything on it that I can on my PC... well, except my graphics design work. I don't do a lot of apps... just solitaire, mahjongg, peep (twitter), and the usual that came with it for everyday. Lots of fun to have a phone that's a mini-pc basically. You will wonder hwo you ever lived without yours in a few months, LOL!


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