Monday, July 26, 2010

What I’m Digging


I hope everyone had a good weekend. I decided to come right home after work today to relax since my weekend was really busy. I never do that...usually I go to the park and bike/read until it gets dark.

My favorite summer findings...

-- Songs:

Anything from the Sky Sailing cd- yes, it sounds like Owl City but I like that

Fly Me Away- Little & Ashley

The Way- Fastball

Any of the songs in this post


-- Pool days with my younger sisters


-- Sunsets and Moons in the warm summer nights


-- Huge zucchinis from my parents garden…and then making zucchini bread with my slightly helpful 10 year old sister


-- Reef flip flops. I LIVE in these things, except for when I’m biking. I don’t think I’ve worn anything else since school ended!


-- Footprints in the sand


-- Sunrises..and sunsets at the beach


  1. Gorgeous pictures.
    Do your parents have a pool?

    I'm not familiar w/ the songs, but one classic song that spells out summer to me is The Pina Colada song. It's old, but fun & summery. Kind of like Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

    Enjoy the rest of summer! I know you will. ;)

  2. Love that photo of the footprints in the sand!

  3. some fabulous sunsets - and that's one monster zucchini!


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