Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Yesterday, my old co-teacher Cara told me she was pregnant with her first baby. I am SO, so excited for her. Perhaps a little jealous, as well. But mostly excited. 

My friend El is pregnant, baby number 5.
Kate is expecting #6.
Della gave birth to her precious boy Matthew in March.
My old roommate Kate also had a Matthew, around the same time.
Margo had baby Gigi earlier this year.
Cate has two adorable baby boys. 
Mari is pregnant with her second. 

The list, it goes on and on my friends. 
It does not ever seem to end. 

I have just one question. 
When will the tables finally turn? 
I'm excited for them, I love that they are living their dream of motherhood.
What I *don't* understand is what I did wrong that prevents me from living the same dream.


  1. Oh sweetie, I wish I could know your future and give you answers.
    And though it's not what you want to hear, please know that having kids & being a mom isn't all stars & sunny skies. Even motherhood can feel like a disappointment and let you down. People think the rewards are so obvious and easy to come by, but ya know, once in those shoes, it's not always so "fun" and "peachy".
    Not that I want you to change your desire. I think you'll make a GREAT mom.
    I just want you to enjoy your life RIGHT NOW.
    There are many perks you have right now. You answer to you & you alone, justify your spending to you & you alone, when you want to go out, you don't have to worry about finding a sitter, THEN figure out how pay her PLUS the cost of the date on top if it! You can sleep through the night, goto the bathroom with the door closes (yes, these things change! lol), etc.
    Embrace & enjoy what you have now. Even though you welcome the next phase of your life, you WILL miss parts of what you have right now, too.

    HUGS. I hope I didn't offend you.

  2. "I have just one question.
    When will the tables finally turn?
    I'm excited for them, I love that they are living their dream of motherhood.
    What I *don't* understand is what I did wrong that prevents me from living the same dream."

    Totally with you on this one, you know that, right? While I feel pretty content where I am, this is still a frequently struggle. Someone said something that finally clicked for me...that life is mine for the taking, but I chose something better. So the answer to your question: what you did "wrong" was setting your standards too high.

    But that's a GOOD thing, because if you had lowered them, you'd be married and MISERABLE. You chose the better life.

    Praying God will bring the man he has for you into the picture soon! (and the little ones not too long after!)

  3. Are you doing anything to meet someone? Try going to a new church or try an online christian dating site. There are lots of nice like minded men who would like to meet you.

  4. It is all about timing. More God's timing than yours perhaps??? Keep looking forward. I have grown sons who feel the same way you do...hoping to find the right woman, finally, and on from there.....I say, keep the faith and it will happen when it happens.

  5. For whatever reason, the Lord has not brought a young to cross your path yet... perhaps He is still getting both of you ready for that moment. Focus on the things of the Lord, delight in Him, and pray for His will in your life. It will come, dear... believe in it. :) {hugz} and prayers to you. :) ♥


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