Saturday, September 04, 2010

Another Last

Yesterday was my last official day with Care Bear, the baby born in late January that I've been watching since June. She's so adorable- a very good baby who is just now cutting her first tooth. 

For our last day, I knew we had to stay busy so that I wouldn't be thinking about the fact that it was our last day. My roommate Hope, old co-worker/friend Cara and Cara's friend Aurelia had a day full of ice cream, shopping, and fun planned so we tagged along. By the time we got home from that adventure, it was a mere 10-15 minutes until Care Bear's mom walked in the door. She was also sad about it being my "last day" but we both consoled ourselves with the fact that it doesn't mean we won't see each other. I have Care Bear for an evening next week and possibly a day as was just the fact that it was the last scheduled day/full week...

I really am grateful to Cara for setting us up (Care Bear's parents are best friends of Cara). Really, Care Bear and I had a great summer together- we went to parks to take walks, went to a fountain park, the zoo, the science center, the library, took countless walks to get ice cream or hit up a coffee shop with or without friends, and she got to meet most of my old co-workers since we'd meet for lunch to catch up. 

It was a wonderful summer, Care Bear. I hope I have the opportunity to watch you grow even more!
Still...last days are sad.

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