Saturday, September 11, 2010

Football Saturdays

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I love football season.

Growing up, we never watched any sports on television and I really still don’t to this day. I do think that tailgating sounds fun and I would probably enjoy at least one football game in person. I’m sure the food at football parties is delicious…but the real reason I enjoy these days is that my babysitting calendar fills up so fast! Last week there was a night game during the week, so I got to babysit three of my old students. We had an evening full of bicycle tire pumping classes, bike riding, pizza & ice cream before they had to go to bed. Today, I’m hanging out with Bug, who just turned two yesterday! I got here about 4 hours ago but the game just started and is still in the 1st quarter. I’m not sure if his parents are actually at the game or just tailgating but either way I’m sure they are having a good time! We went for a walk while his parents got ready and left and then we took a short drive to the zoo to see the elephants, monkeys, penguins…I have a membership so we go a lot but don’t necessarily spend a lot of time there each visit. There was also a guy carving this HUGE pumpkin…
I think that says 1056.5 lbs!! Wowza…

Welcome, football Saturdays! I’m glad you’ve arrived. You’re wonderful to my babysitting pile o’cash, sympathizing with me not having an actual job these days!


Photo from here

Are you a fan of football Saturdays? How do you celebrate? ;-)

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