Friday, September 17, 2010

My Best Friend

**This is a scheduled post because I have flown far, far away for a little break. Although for some of you, I'm actually closer than normal, but that's irrelevant. If for some reason the post looks weird, blame it on the strange internet cloud in the sky that still knows to post when I'm gone.**

Stevie is my best friend…really the only friend from back “home” in PA that I keep in touch with regularly. It just so happens that she’s decided to start writing in her blog once again, so check it out and support one of the newest bloggers who just happens to know me personally!

Way back when…one of my birthdays!

The story about how we met is still up in the air. I do believe Stevie has a completely different version, only because she cannot remember my version. Haha! I was about 10 years old, maybe 11, and my parents had decided to start homeschooling. Stevie’s parents had started homeschooling the year before and somehow my mom was connected with her mom and they began talking. One day, my family was at a Catholic church function and I had heard that my mom’s new friend had a daughter close in age to me and that her name was Stevie and I should meet her.

  Oh yea! Look at the blue streaked hair!!

I saw said Stevie and her younger sister Marie walking across the street and decided to introduce myself. But not even just that, as a baby name fanatic, I felt it was my duty to quiz Stevie about her name and its origin so I walked up to her and said something to the tune of, “So, your name is Stevie? Is that short for Stephanie?” trying to make conversation. Instead, I heard a huff from both Stevie and Marie and Stevie muttered, “My name is STEVIE it is not short for ANYTHING!” and then they walked away.

Blue beach babes…

That was our first meeting (in my mind). A short time later my mom invited Stevie’s family over and I was not the least bit thrilled, imagining a replay of the previous meet. Thankfully, we must have clicked a bit better during the second meetup and the rest is history! We actually didn’t live in the same area for long as my family moved 5 hours away when I was 12 years old but throughout the years, Stevie and I have managed to stay in touch through letters, phone calls and visits whenever possible! We stay up late talking and chatting about life whenever we’re together and I always come home exhausted, but in a fun exhausted way!

We’re Crazaaaay!

Now, head on over to Stevie’s blog and meet her adorable girls. Tell her I sent you!
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  1. you are too funny! i love this post!! the pictures were cracking me up!! i love you bestest!! [oh, and thanks for the blog press ;-)]


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