Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Twitter

**This is a scheduled post because I have flown far, far away for a little break. Although for some of you, I'm actually closer than normal, but that's irrelevant. If for some reason the post looks weird, blame it on the strange internet cloud in the sky that still knows to post when I'm gone.**

Have you seen the ad for some movie where Betty White announces that she’s on Facebook “and the Twitter”? I don’t know why but it cracks me up!

So, here’s what you’re missing if you’re not following me on the Twitter! Join up, won’t you!?

A month or so in the life of me, via Twitter.

- I think I might drive around and see what huge mansions are for sale...just for fun :) That was LOTS of fun! I found these houses. Sooo huge, you’d need a housekeeper full time and a gardener and a nanny like me…
IMG_3534 IMG_3535 IMG_3536

(Later that day) - Went on a Bethany Parade of Homes today. Some of the houses are CRAZYYYYYY No, really?!?!

- Forgot to bring my Id into first apt place. Off to a great start! Haha They were NOT happy with me.

- Got into a little accident today. Thank goodness I didn't have Care Bear. Oh yea, that was a lot of fun. Now my car looks like this.

- Have called no less than 40 places about my car. I might have this all fixed tomorrow! Blog post when I have time to sit and tell the story. Who knew there were 40+ auto parts places in the metro area???

- While watching Wife Swap- Watching Wife thinks 2012 is the end of the world as we know it. Craazzzy epi and And now an episode where the mom has 14 doll "babies" as well as 3 real kids.Ew. Freaky is right. And now watching an epi where the mom has her makeup tattooed on. Seriously. What is wrong with people????

- I'm not sure why but like half my family and a bunch of other people I know are all going to Florida. No one invited me. Hence why I didn’t tell any of them when I’m going to Cali. Take that.

- Bachelor pad = such a high school joke. These people are mostly older than me...crazy. Those people are living in a strange dream world.

- Eye dilation = soooo weird. Eww.

- Watching a street performer climb a light pole to escape a police officer.

- I can see Gander Mountain from my car. I called said store from my car. I'm too lazy to walk in and ask about bikes. They don't have any. I’m a lazy butt. What else is there to say. 

- I am so bad at flirting it's not even funny. Don't know how I will ever find a boyfriend haha. Oh yea..hah I forgot about that experience!

- Haha my roommate thought I was still asleep. It's 11 am. My family has a reputation. Yep. We are Irish and like sleeping in.

- Holy crap. My eye candy guy at the piano bar is cousins with a girl I went to college with. NO WAY. Yesss and he is CUTE

- Electric bug zappers hurt. Just FYI. Yes, I’m the idiot who just *had* to touch it…

- Not every day that you see a dog ordering from the drive thru...hehe

- My roommate last night- "So, are we going to get a Christmas tree??" Dude, H, it's AUGUST! And then tonight, she started singing Christmas songs. I want to throw her out…oh wait, it’s her house.

- I am so used to the sbux people saying "have a nice day" that I said "you too"...he actually said, "see you later!" me= bumbling idiot


  1. Great post! It is always interesting to go back and revisit our Tweets, isn't it?

    I hope you are enjoying your time away!

  2. I'm on the twitter, just like Betty, but somehow I bet she understands it better than I do!
    Hope your trip is going well.

  3. Wait....WAIT. You know someone who knows hottie piano bar guy?! And you're on the OTHER side of the country?!!!

    Secondly, just yesterday Brennan & I were enjoying some Christmas music on Pandora Radio. Nothing wrong w/ it, Bethany. Nothing wrong w/ it! ;)

  4. My hubby and I used to (before kids) spend Saturdays driving around, going to open houses to see the inside of homes we could never afford. It started to depress us so we stopped! I'm always saying, "How can anyone afford these homes?? Do they sell drugs? Seriously, how does a person have SO much money?"

    Love that you touched the bug zapper....cuz that's totally something I would do too.

    Bachelor Pad was my unhealthy addiction for awhile. I wanted to stop but couldn't. I just knew Tenley would mention her failed marriage on the final episode.

    I requested to follow you on if you get a request and think it's some wierd stalker...nope, it's just me!!


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