Friday, October 15, 2010


I was able to make it through the craziness that is the beginning of my weeks. I cruised into Thursday and majorly cleaned and organized almost the whole day. I babysat in the evening and have two more babysitting jobs this weekend alone. Aside from that, I have 8 more jobs scheduled between now and the week before Christmas and a weekend gig as well. I'm sure even more will come up! No wonder I collapse when I have a "free day" or part of one...

Today will be busy as well! Laney is the kindergartener in the family I nanny for and she doesn't have school for whatever reason. So, we are heading to a paint your own pottery studio and the kids are going to make Christmas presents/ornaments for their parents. Baby Tobin and I will watch as Laney and Derek of these days I'll actually go and paint something looks so fun!!!

I'm not sure what I'll be up to tonight. My roommate is out of town so I might hit up a movie at the dollar theater and/order a pizza...hmm. So many choices! What are you up to this lovely Fall weekend??
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  1. You're a good nanny. :) I hope the kids had fun. I'll feel so good to have at least ONE present knocked out.

    This weekend is quite busy for us: PB helping at the church tomorrow morning, then A's soccer game, new garbage disposal, selling popcorn for the FINAL weekend (thank goodness!), and then PB & I are headed to the school's fundraiser tomorrow night. Phew!
    Sunday we have a lot of work to do around the house and finish selling that damn popcorn. ;)

    Enjoy your movie!

  2. Working! Well, tonight I'm working until 2am. Saturday a movie, and Sunday, who knows. Relaxing!

    I need to pick up some babysitting jobs to increase the savings funds, where do you find a lot of your jobs?

  3. My kids love the pottery painting place too. So much fun, so much mess!

  4. Yum, a pizza sounds delicious!

  5. Good luck!
    Do post your painting on your blog.

  6. You are such a fun nanny!!! We have a pottery place like that about 25 minutes from here and the kids love it!!!


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