Monday, October 18, 2010


I swear I have written about Edwar before but I'm having trouble finding the post on my phone. If I find it later I will link up!

Edwar is a worker at the grocery store I went to ALL the time when I lived in my last apartment. The store was within walking distance and whenever I needed something quickly I would stop in.

Most of the time, I would run into Edwar, the door greeter, because I'd be there at night and so would he. During last school year Edwar was a bright spot in my day, a cheerful 80-something Italian short man. He would always recognize me, ask how I was doing, wish me a happy day...

Ever since I moved in May, I don't shop at Edwar's store very often. There are at least two or three stores that are closer to my new residence but I did see Edwar once this summer, in July or August. I explained to him that I had moved and been traveling but promised to come once in a while to say hello.

Last night after my babysitting gig, I needed to stop at a store and grab milk and other necessities for the week. Since it was evening, I drivers to take a chance and see if maybe Edwar was at work. I walked in the door and was disappointed to see another worker...friendly, yes, but not Edwar!

Oh well, I said to myself, and continued on. Halfway through my shopping though, I happened upon a worker in a battery operated grocery cart, a bit slumped over who looked up and said, "hello!"... At first I just said hello back but then looked closer and saw a familiar sparkle in one eye- it was Edwar! He was moving away from me but I realized that half of his face, and body, seemed sagging and slumped over :(. He must have had a stroke since the last time I saw him.

I thought about him all last night. I told my roommate about him...he was my first thought this morning. I just feel so bad! Not that there is anything I can do, but I want to go back again now and (try to) talk to him more, make sure he is okay. He looked like he'd aged 10 years in a few months and it just makes me so sad...keep him in your prayers- it's not like I really know him, but I do- he's my happy grocery guy!
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  1. aww! i'm sure you were a bright spot in his day too :-) i hope he's doing okay! i think it's really sweet of you to go see him!


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