Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday

I can't remember what blog I saw this on..it's 8 pm and I'm falling asleep but I figured I might as well make a quick post before Tuesday, aka CrazyHazyDay, passes me by. 

It's okay...

...to take a bunch of Airborne when your roommate tells you she thinks she's getting sick.

...to be proud because you finally finished a book you've been reading for a few weeks.

...to have absolutely no idea what you're going to be for Halloween.

...to miss your old coworkers and feel sad that you're disconnected to them. 

...to be upset about the phrasing your old boss is using to parents of old students about why you left school.

...to want a chai from Starbucks every day.

...to want to take a nap. 

...to be frustrated with the stupid eczema on your hands that seems to have come early this year

...to be enjoying some of the new fall shows after working 10 hr  + days.

...to love your second job.

...to wish you had the slightest idea where your old student ID is hiding so you could get into a game for a cheaper price. 

...to be sad that Courteney & David are splitting up.

...to have a budget, and stick to it, and be proud about it!

....to want to be a fly on the wall, in my situations.

...to laugh at the guy staring at bras in the store...just standing and staring.

...to go to Cici's pizza (or another restaurant) solo

...to go to the movies, solo. I've done it more times than I can count. The ONLY time I felt weird about it was when I was the sole person IN THE ENTIRE THEATER. That was strange. 

...to not be a morning person.

...to enjoy the small things.


  1. i love hey it's ok tuesday...and i've totally been meaning to steal it too :)
    (i think it came from amber at "airing my dirty laundry one sock at a time"...or at least that's where i've seen it :)

  2. 1. Yay for sticking to budgets. I never seem to be able to so I admire those that can.

    2. I have *never* been the only person in a movie theater but I've always kind of wanted to be. When I lived overseas I went to the movies by myself all the time but there always seemed to be at least one other couple there.

  3. What a great post. I used to be so proud of myself I could go to a movie or restaurant alone. Maybe the moral is that old saying..."I'm okay, you're okay, we're ALL okay", you know? Anyway, I loved this and might do something similar.

  4. The first time I went to the movies alone, it felt odd, but after that...I enjoyed it very much!

    I'd be taking the Airborne too. It works!

  5. I'm not a morning person either!! In fact, I'm nocturnal. The later the night, the more active I become! Love the post, Bethany.


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