Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I'm actually posting from my computer! This never happens these days.

So, with my new job, I work four 10-hr. days instead of five 8-hr. days. While I don't have a three day weekend, I do have Thursdays off! This means I only have to get through three days in a row of waking up early (seriously, this is the HARDEST part of the job for me, well that and getting out of the house before 7 am, plus going to bed early..well it's all connected, right?) before I get a break on Thursday mornings. Then there is just one more work day and it's Friday. So, Wednesdays are almost like a Friday for me too, hehe!

This is my first full week at the job, so tomorrow's the first breather I have. Between working and babysitting I've put in 35 hours of work in the past three days, so I'm a little excited! However, I have a lot of ideas of what I can/will get done before 4 pm, when my friend Lyn is coming over for a movie and dinner. 

What I'm hoping to accomplish...

- looking for a new fall coat (mine doesn't zip anymore :(..)
- vacuuming the house
- reading
- cooking a meal to use for lunch on Friday
- catching up on TV shows
- catching up on emails
- catching up on blogs that have sat in my Google Reader all week (that 1000+ number is staring me in the face!)
- a bike ride at the park]
- clean the bathrooms
- lots and lots of laundry

Of course, the jury is out on what I will actually accomplish...hope everyone has a great day!


  1. looking over that list, the blog reading is definitely the priority ;-)

  2. Hope you'll get to accomplish the tasks on your list.

    Have a great weekend, Bethany!

  3. Sounds like FUN. After a long week, some pampering/shopping ought to be in store -- glad you have the opportunity!

    Be sure to post pictures once you've chosen your new jacket, pretty please. :-)

  4. I wish every company offered 4/10 hr work days. That's nice.

  5. Did you finally get that bike ride?? Huh huh huh??

    Thanks for reminding me - I need a new coat. My last one is practically coming apart at the seams... oh wait, it is! LOL!


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