Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bethany and Voting

Everyone has something.

Some people are bad drivers, always finding themselves pulled over or in an accident. 
My family has bad luck with cars- running into deer and never-ending car repairs are regular occurrences.
Others shop too much and stare at their credit card statements with disdain.
Still others don't get along well with stoves or ovens, are klutzy, etc.

Voting and I do not get along. At all.

I've been registered to vote since I turned 18. When I was 19, I had my first voting adventure. I was spending the semester living in Europe and as it was a huge election year (2004) we were told before going to make sure we signed up for absentee ballots, that it was very important to have our votes count that year, yada yada yada. I did so and it was mailed to me in plenty of time to vote and send it back to the States. I filled it out and we were heading somewhere, on a train. I remember being at a train station but I'm not sure what country we were in....Germany, France..? Anyway, my friend Kaitlyn kindly offered to go mail both of our ballots while I waited for the train. After a few minutes, she came running back, saying, "I'm sorry!!!". At first I wasn't sure what was wrong but as it turned out there was a huge gust of wind or a train and my ballot went flying up in the air and flew back down onto the tracks, then got run over by a train...never to be seen again. I'm not sure my vote counted that year!

Enter 2006. I was living in Massachusetts at the time and have no idea what I did voting wise.

Cut to 2008. I was back in the Midwest. I was working at the school and babysitting a lot, so decided to do some kind of early voting downtown. I didn’t know the downtown area well back then and it took a long time to find the building. I finally found it, parked, and went in to find a humongous line- easily a few hundred people. I started to question my “vote early, save time” tactic and waited. And waited. And waited. After a few hours (no lie) I was told that the person in front of me was going to be the last one of the night. It figures.

And, 2010. Ah, a new voting year. Yet another chance to make an idiot of myself, apparently. I have a hard enough time getting out of the house by 6:55 am, so going in the morning to vote just wasn’t an option. After work, I was heading to a movie with some friends but had a bit of time to kill. Enough time, in my opinion, to vote. So, I showed up at my local voting center, ID in hand like asked. They found my name (yay!) and matched my ID to it (YAY!). And then, the lady asked if the address on my license was correct. Well, no, I moved in May. I stood there for about 10- 15 minutes, getting slightly embarrassed, while various workers tried to figure out what to do with me. They considered just having me vote since the addresses they had and the one on my license matched…but even though the license bureau sent me a postcard with my new address on it, and I showed it to them, they decided in the end that I couldn’t vote there and would have to go to the new precinct. Guess what? By the time the drama completed, it was movie time and afterwards the polls were closed, so that didn’t happen.

Gosh, does voting love me or what?!

Yep. I try to exercise my right to vote. It just doesn’t work for me!


  1. Don't give up! How about early voting?

  2. I agree, don't give up, but part of me thinks "at least it wasn't THE BIG ONE".

  3. I'd give up! LOL I can vote with ease in my small town. I've only stood in line a few times, but never been there more than 15 minutes total. I guess if you really want to vote just do an absentee early, but be sure to hang on to it yourself!!

  4. At least you tried. I'm guilty of not having even registered myself for voting in my country. Shame on me, I know :(

    Have a nice day, Bethany!

  5. start planning ahead now for 2012

  6. Hahahaha. You DO win! Now I don't feel so bad at all. But, at least you tried! I give you an A for effort, so that should make up for this year :)


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