Saturday, November 06, 2010


I try hard to stay in touch with extended family and friends. I do my best. I email, call and leave voice mails...but eventually when I hear nothing back from old friends, especially from college, I back off. After all, college was years ago, they have their own lives and we've all grown up and moved on. We're spread across the country- I have a friend in California working as a nurse, one overseas, a few in the DC area, central PA, another in Oregon...we rarely, if ever, see each other in person anymore. 

Years go by and while we don't forget our friends, it can be easy to forget about the good times years ago. 
New friends are made.
College seems like a dream, so long ago. 

My roommate received news of a college friend of hers who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He'll be gone before Christmas, likely. She's struggling with it and what she can do to help him and his family states away. Visit? Send a card? Go the funeral? 

And it began to get me thinking about friends and the connections we have. Day to day life seems mundane sometimes, but those connections we have are vital. It's important to me to keep those lines open.

On Thursday my 80-year old grandmother drove a couple of hours to spend the afternoon with me, then drove a couple of hours back to where she is visiting family this week. She is helping to keep that connection alive, and it was great to see her and spend time with her. When I lived in Massachusetts I was only an hour from her and would sometimes go to her house for dinner or spend a weekend with her here and there. Due to distance I don't have that opportunity anymore, so the few precious hours we had were just that, precious.

Cherish those in your life.
Enjoy the times you have with family and friends.
Be thankful for the time, no matter how small, you are able to spend with them.

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