Monday, November 08, 2010


So, I never posted about Halloween. Around here, they had the Trick-or-Treating on Thursday (which was the 28th and makes absolutely no sense to me…) I had the day off and had promised my roommate I’d go to a Halloween party with her so I spent part of the day making my costume.



Do you know what I was?

In other news…I have a mini-vaca (as in, I have days off, not that I’m going anywhere) later this week/weekend. I still have two babysitting jobs but any ideas what I should do with my time? I have a feeling I’ll go crazy if I just sit at home!


  1. Lol. Magic 8 ball? Clever.

    How extremely odd to have Halloween on the Thursday before?!

    I would be sleeping if I had a couple days off and nothing better to do! Thats as good as a suggestion as you're going to get from me, I'm afraid.

  2. i know what you were! :)

    enjoy your unexpected and fun time off -- just relax and explore with camera in hand :)


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