Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is It Friday?

Does it feel like Friday to anyone else? All day I've been convinced that we are at the weekend already. Of course, part of it could be that the last three days have been completely non-stop for me. (Yes, Mon/Tues/Wed always are but this week has been even worse.)

To begin with, I'm counting down until Thanksgiving! I will be heading out to my parents' house for a day and a half or so and then (weather pending) going out of town for the rest of my long weekend. So, I think that is adding to the anticipation! I haven't seen my little sisters in way too long and I miss them!

Anyway, Monday at work was fine, and afterwards I went to a local sports bar to watch a football game. Even though I don't follow football the food there is yummy, but I didn't get home until after 11. Way late for a weeknight for me!

Tuesday during work the baby went to the doctor and it was discovered that he has croup. He had to get two steroid shots and later in the day Tobin pried them off his own legs and tried to swallow one. Sigh.

In addition his big sister Laney "forgot" that there is no paper on the carpet in her bedroom. Enough said.

Last night I went to a Beth Moore bible study and it was very, very good...but suffice to say, going from work to events has me home just to sleep.

Today was a weird day of work. I only worked 9a-2p but it involved an airport run, a Subway meltdown by Derek and a grandparent arriving. Just strange. I am taking some quiet time hanging out with my friends and their boys up north before heading back to BC tomorrow ...which is somehow still not Friday...
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  1. How was that visit w/ your friends & their boys? ;)
    Hope they didn't wake you.


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