Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Monday, 7:30 am...another Monday, another workday. Even though it is Thanksgiving week, I'm still doing my crazy first three days of work, sleep, work, sleep, etc. The only difference is that I get to spend tomorrow night packing and Wednesday after work I'm heading out of town! I am soooo looking forward to eating delicious coffee cake on Thursday morning while watching the Macy's Day parade...oh wait. Mom, if you read this do you guys still not get the station? Oh no! Well, I guess there is always the food to look forward to. Have a good Monday everyone! The kiddles are waking up and my work day has begun....

P.S. Oh man, I will be disappointed if we have to watch the parade online. It's just not the same! :(

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  1. I hope you get the parade!!! NBC! Coffee cake for breakfast sounds heavenly. I may have to do that. We used to always have blueberry muffins on Thanksgiving morning, but they don't agree w/ the pregnant me (reflux). Coffee cake...mmm.

  2. Hope you get to see the parade and that you have wonderful visit with your family. Enjoy your much needed time off.

  3. Bethany, Good news! We got a new antenna since last year, so we should get the parade. Love, mom


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