Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lazy Weekend

I've had a fairly lazy weekend- got some things done around the house and caught up on tv shows and laundry and emails....we had a girls' night here last night with my roommate and friend Lyn, so that was fun.

The week coming up is going to be kind of random and busy. The mom of the family I'm working for is going out of town Wednesday and there are extra events happening Monday and Tuesday both. I'm actually getting a four-day weekend next Thurs-Sun and I am excited!!!!

Anyway, here are some photo snippets of what I've been up to-

Laney having a meltdown about picking up the pillows. It took her a good two hours to do her share while the boys and I were playing games and reading books...she reminds me of myself. Very stubborn!

A chilly day at the park we walk to where I work. The sun was seriously bright!

Horrible picture, but the sunset was amazing :)

Leftover Halloween candy while I was babysitting...I didn't even make a DENT

Halloween town!

Bouncing in balls at an indoor play area...the weather has been too cold to go to the "real" playground!

Are you having a good weekend? What were you up to?

(Also, can I just say that it is 3:30 pm while I'm writing this and it seems so much later? The sun is so low Crying face …)

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  1. What fun pictures. That girl & her pillow episode is what Brennan has been doing ALL WEEK. Refusing to pick up, saying he can't, yet making the mess completely on his own. ;) It's been, uh, fun.

    Our weekend was kind of lazy, yet it felt exhausting. I blame the time change, too. I did make progress ion our bathroom wall! Almost no tile left on the main wall. ;) You'll have to come see soon. :)


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