Tuesday, November 02, 2010

October Budget Overview

Last month was the first month I had done a written budget in a long time. Summer was crazy with all of my traveling and work was sporadic and budgeting fell to the wayside until I started my new job and got a (partial, but still) paycheck.

I feel proud of myself for paying off so much in 2010. If I look back to where I was in January I have come far, financially anyway. I still have no idea where my life is headed except that it doesn't seem to be going the way I thought it would.

So anyway, back to the budget. I used cash only for groceries, eating out and entertainment. I used my debit card for gas but knew (roughly) how much I would be spending. Using cash for most things worked out very well up until the end of the month, when I had a surprise visitor and we went out to eat...so while not perfect, the month went well money wise.

I was also able to pay off $600 in debt, although it's not updated on the sidebar here yet. When I actually sit down at my computer I will do that.

So, some changes for my (complete!) November budget:

- more money toward gas, since I am going to my parents and then continuing Eastward on Thanksgiving weekend. I will be gone from Wed evening- Sunday and traveling about 800 miles.

- my food money will all be in one envelope, be it for groceries or eating out. The same goes for my entertainment/blow money. The less envelopes the better for me!

- I have a little money set aside for Christmas and will be adding to that.

- my car needs to have some work done at some point, but the work is over $1100. Being that my car is about 11 years old and nearing 190K, I have started a car fund. I've never had a car payment and if possible, would like to keep it that way.

- I eventually need to buy a dress for a wedding I am in in June. This will probably happen over Nov/Dec depending on how much babysitting I do.

- I've added a "nanny fund" for times when I'm out with the kids and stop at the mall or Panera, my current obsession. There won't be much in it but just a little for special times.

That's all I can think of now. How are your November budgets looking? I will hopefully have some time to catch up on blogs soon, over the next 12 days I am only working 5!! (boss is heading out of town) :)

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  1. Nice work! You should be very proud of your financial self for 2010. :)
    Our October budget was rough, but this month is much better. We still need to sort out fund to replenish the emergency fund, but life keeps happening. ;) We need to get back to saving for a car, too. Let's work together-we can encourage each other to buy a car without gaining a monthly payment!

  2. Good for you! Getting debt paid off is *hard*. I've decided I HAVE to limit my spending in order to be able to make more productive payments on my student loan. So if I can't justify it, I'm not spending it. I'm only been about 70% successful in the past couple of weeks, but I'm getting better!

  3. Great job Bethany! I'm proud of you too! $600 is a huge dent!

    Keep working on your car fund. You can buy a few thousand dollar car in no time I bet then start on your debt again. NO CAR PAYMENT! You're too smart for that!


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