Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Usually I am fine when my roommate Hope talks about school-related things. Every once in a while she'll come home and start taking about one of my "favorite" kids and I just can't handle listening right then, so she's good about being understanding when that happens too.

This morning almost ruined it for me though. For some reason I'd been up since about 530 and jumped in the shower and got ready from work. I usually leave for work at 7ish, and just a few minutes before, Hope walked in the door from one of her morning runs. Since I hadn't seen her yesterday at all, we used the next few minutes to catch up.

As it turns out, one of the ladies in the back of the school (my old room) has gotten ill and decided that finishing out the school year wouldn't be in her, or the kids' best interest.

Bam. Man alive. I almost got mad, not at my roommate, but definitely over the whole situation last year.


Except for one small detail. This lady is not Jessa. While Jessa chose to sabotage my career at the school by making the fact that she can't manage kids, couldn't make it to work even two days of the week, somehow out to be MY fault, this woman recognized that she was unable to fulfill the commitment she'd made to the school and the kids and gracefully backed out.

Why couldn't I have worked with the lady from this year instead? I'd still be at the school, with my coworkers and the kids I've known for years. :(

I'm not mean-hearted, I swear. I just don't understand, still, what happened last year, and it makes me sad. Why are some people so mean?

Postscript: Okay, so it didn't make me "almost mad". It made me mad. And I still am. Sigh.

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  1. I'd be mad, too. Most of all, I still think it's the principal who failed everyone the most. It's HER job to know which teachers fit and don't, and letting you leave was the wrong choice.
    Is Jessa back there this year?

  2. I so understand. And I am sorry you have to go through that.

  3. I would be upset too. The more I hear about schools, the more it seems there are situations like this though. My mom works in a school with young children now and her coworkers are just awful :(

  4. yeah, that's something I bet you didn't want to hear. Those that are miserable are not the type to ever do the right thing though. They hold on till the bitter end and make the rest of us miserable!!

  5. Yuck! That is such a crap situation and I really dislike that you have an insider to find these things out (NOTHING against your roommate/friend). That is really hard. I would have been fired up too!


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