Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am going to be working on getting all of my crafty post ideas in one place. I’ll try and tag them all and then see if I can re-post them somewhere new just so they are all organized. This is probably more for my benefit as the kids and I search for stuff to do. I know that through my years of teaching we did a lot of neat things and I *think* I posted most of them. We’ll see!

(for now, the link to the label “crafts” on the right side will work. Eventually I will add in seasons/holidays I hope!)


On Monday, the Derek and I started off the morning by making some simple handprint turkeys. Of course, being that he is three, his page turned out to just be handprints. Laney got into it a bit more, and I was just fooling around with my page…but hey, it kept them busy for a while!


Of course, when I went upstairs to put Tobin down for a nap Derek decided that gave him the freedom to pretty much spill everything…




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