Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cheery Lights

Last night when I was off finishing up my crazy 40-hrs-of-work-in-3-days gig my roommate put up a few strings of lights and a little Santa makes it so cheery!!

Also, I found some Christmas songs I'm you like any of them?

Indigo Girls- Holiday Song (I prefer the Itunes verson but this was the only video I could find)

Colbie Callait- Mistletoe

Nazanin- Christmas Day

Owl City- Christmas Song

Casting Crowns- I Heard The Bells

I also pulled out my old Sarah McLachlan "Wintersong" album. That one never gets old for me!

1 comment:

  1. The lights ARE so cheery. :) I love our living room now w/ the tree & lights. It's so cozy. The downside is it makes me lazy. lol

    Casting Crowns...nice choice. I had never heard the Indigo Girls do any Holiday Song. Nice. And ditto...Wintersong album is excellent!


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