Thursday, December 16, 2010

Formspring Question #1 & More

Someone (I guess anonymously because I don’t see a name by it) asked me a question on Formspring:
"Which of your debts do you feel was most worth it?”

My answer-
I feel like I should say my school loans because they did educate me, but I'm going to go with traveling. I've never regretted a trip I've taken, even if it ended up on a credit card. That said, I've also taken a few trips debt free and they are more enjoyable! ;-)

What would be your answer to that question?


A Thursday wordle
Wordle 12.16.10
(I love the font…it’s just a random one. Apparently Christmas, kids, and people are forefront on my blog. Good to know!)


One of my favorite Europe pictures that I found today
(Oh, how I would love to go back…Maybe after I pay off all that debt, and get a new car…)


Some anagram fun from this site. Way too fun…

Anagram for my whole name: A Cab Thinner When Zesty
First/Middle/Confirmation: Men Adaptable Beneath Ninety Horn (hehee)
First/Middle: Banyan Then or Bathe Nanny (some of my friends call me Nanny B so that’s close!)

I’m on a bit of a work break. I have five days off, including the weekend. Today was the first day and although it was snowing, I gathered up my courage and hit a few stores for random items. I also mailed my godson’s Christmas present, had ice cream with an old co-worker, and hit up a coffeehouse this evening to listen to one of my favorite piano bar artists. I have a babysitting job, a birthday party and a football/sports bar to keep me busy this “break” but hopefully I’ll find some down time!

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  1. Hey, that was my question! I thought I included my name. oops. ;)
    Love your answer. I'd have to say my answer may be the same!


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