Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Do Not Understand

I do not understand…

…why some people don’t look when they back up. An old lady almost ran into me AT A PRESCHOOL earlier this week because she didn’t even glance backwards once. That’s the last thing I need, an accident at the preschool while I’m working…

…why the company who manufactures this product apparently thinks having this lady on their box will sell more ?sound systems..?

…how someone (who celebrates Christmas) does not like Christmas music

… why people like dogs (I know the majority of mankind does not agree with me on this one and I’m okay with that). They smell. They bark. They are annoying. They get wet and smell even more when it rains. They knock kids down. They get hair all over everything. They bark at everything even when there is nothing to bark at.

…why I live in a place where it snows. By next winter my goal is to live in Hawaii.

…how people spend SO much money that they know full well they don’t have on Christmas. I know my financial decisions haven’t always been the best but I’m trying. Right now, I really really want a Mac computer, and have for a while. Do you see me buying one? Nope. I could also use a different car but until the moment mine finally goes palooey, I’m not doing that either. Say no to car payments! (I hope) LOL. Seriously though, people…we know Christmas is coming every year, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Why don’t we save up throughout the year??

…why people who say they want to hang out with me and will check their calendars to check dates never do. I miss them apparently way more than they miss me, and that makes me sad! I can finish one book in a day, and then have it take me two weeks to finish the next one. That just doesn’t make sense!

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  1. I completely agree with the lack of financial sense demonstrated by some people at the holidays. Good for you for not falling into that trap.


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