Monday, December 13, 2010

In The News

I know that most of the news nowadays seems so sad and dreary, but if you look hard enough there really are some amusing articles being passed around. A few of the articles that have been catching my eye lately…

Students Being Served Grilled Cheese
Being familiar with the area in which this is happening gives me a dual reaction. I don’t think grilled cheese for a few days is going to kill these kids. If their parents have the money to pay for school lunch, the kids can either pack a lunch (ohhh the horror!) or eat the grilled cheese. However, it’s a depressed area and quite possibly the lunch at school *could* be the only meal the kids are eating. If that’s the case, at least add some veggies…

Man Pulled Over For Using Diego Doll As Travel Partner
The last line just absolutely makes me laugh. At least the doll was wearing a seatbelt…haha. Actually the whole article makes me laugh.

Woman Flees From Courtroom, Arrest Warrant Issued
Seriously? Just...seriously? Smart lady….not.

Buffalo Enjoys Ride in Car
I met some of these this past summer, and no thanks…pet or not, those things are CRAZY.

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