Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Years ago, I used to have Netflix and really enjoyed it. I got rid of it because I was moving in with my family and didn’t really need/want it anymore.

My friend Lyn has Netflix now and loves it- and suggested to me that I try it out. I got a month free trial and I’m surprised how much you can watch online now!

So…any suggestions of shows and movies I should watch? I’m mostly a fan of comedy movies if that helps at all…


  1. We just love Netflix.
    We've gotten into 30 Rock...ever watch that one? It's hilarious! I also started watching the show Bones via Netflix. (but that's not a comedy;) Pat likes watching some of the old shows, like Kids in the Hall, etc.

  2. I really need to think about getting Netflix. When it first came out, I poo-poo'ed it, but now...so much better than going to the video store twice per movie!

  3. YES. i just rediscovered netflix as well. 30 rock is a MUST if you don't already watch it! i watched the ugly truth the other day and it was cute...hmm. i'll have to think about a few others!


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