Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quite the Week

This will probably be one of the hardest posts I’ve written to date. Sigh…it makes me sad and I haven’t even begun.

Last April (‘09), my current roommate Hope was my co-worker and friend who invited me to her family’s house a few hours north of here for Easter. I ended up getting the flu that previous Friday and went but didn’t eat much. Aside from meeting her mom & dad, brother and his family, various aunts, uncles and cousins, the thing I remember most about that day is Hope laughing later as she recalled that her mom said I was quiet and didn’t eat much- the poor woman didn’t realize I’d been sick! Over spring break, Hope and I stayed with her Grandma in Florida for 4 days or so- the woman is well into her 80s but hysterical and all there. A few months ago, Hope’s sister and family came into town for the day and I enjoyed getting to know them as well. Her best friend came to celebrate Halloween with us this year and I finally met her. In essence, I’ve met all of her family.

Fast forward a year and a half, plus a bit. Last Wednesday I bid goodbye to Hope as she headed off to work at school and I to work and then home for the holidays. We wished each other a Merry Christmas and said, “See ya Sunday!”

On Sunday, I was driving back from my parents’ house and my phone rang. At that point I was still in the middle of nowhere but saw that it was Hope and figured she was calling to see what time I’d be back in BC. Once I was on the highway and had cell service, I called her back.

Hope’s Dad died.

On Christmas Day.

As soon as she told me, my heart just dropped. We had talked a little bit in the past few months about how he was doing less and less well, but he was still getting out and about with the help of his wife and they didn’t realize he was that close to death.
Sad smile

So, the last three days (gosh, is that all it’s been?) have been a blur. The evenings have been quiet and lonely, especially since I had been enjoying the rowdiness of 9 people at my parents’ house for a few days. Having Hope on an unplanned extended home trip is not fun! I worked Monday and Tuesday and both of the days spent some time talking to old co-workers about who was going to what service and making sure that everyone knew what was going on, especially since the school is on Christmas break. As it turned out, my old boss and one of my coworkers went up last night for the calling hours. Another coworker was hoping to go with me but has had strep throat since Sunday and was still just feeling awful. As much as I didn’t want to go alone, I knew I’d kick myself for NOT going later.

So, I spent today in the northern part of the state.. I saw Hope as she walked into the service and she had been crying. I could see her best friend from where I was sitting and tears were streaming down her face before the service even began. Hope’s dad was like a second dad to her. It was a nice service…just so sad, of course.

After the service ended we headed to the gravesite. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go or just head back to BC but figured I should at least try and say hi to Hope, so I went. Once we were there, she saw me and waved a teary hello…after that they had a luncheon, so I hung out with Hope, her best friend and another high school friend, who I’d never met. We all ended up at Hope’s mom’s house for the afternoon and it was low-key but nice.

Hope will be back here in BC tomorrow if all goes as planned, and I’m sure she (and I!) would appreciate some thoughts and prayers through the coming days and weeks.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this.

    p.s. I'm new to your blog =)

  2. I'm so sorry. :(
    Please give her our condolences, and prayers for sure!

  3. Prayers going out to Hope and her family. You're such a good friend for going to the service and spending time with her through this rough spot.

  4. I am so sorry for Hope's loss! I will be thinking of her and you.


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