Friday, December 10, 2010

November Budget Review

It’s mid-December and I’m just now getting a chance to do this. How pitiful!

--  I know that one thing that went WAY wayward last month was my gas budget. I’m not entirely sure how that happened because I KNEW I was going to visit my friend in PA, and I KNEW I was going home for Thanksgiving…and I factored both of those in. I suppose the price of gas did go up, but my budget was off by a TON there. Sigh.

-- Technically the money that I paid off in October went through in November, so do I get to count that? LOL…

-- I did well with using cash only in the beginning of the month but went off towards the end of the month. I didn’t really over-spend so that is good. A big change I made to make it easier in December (I swear, I find something that makes it “easier” each month…) is to put ALL of my Christmas gift money/ entertainment money/ food money in one envelope. I use that envelope for anything I’m using cash for, and keep records of how much I have in each category in a cute cheapo little notebook. I’m finding that easier than trying to keep track of three different envelopes (four if you count my nanny fund that the parents give me money for).

I think that’s really it. I did “ok” this month. Money that I made babysitting (not a whole lot, only about 40 hours over the entire month) went toward that dang gas thing. How’d November look for you?

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