Thursday, December 23, 2010

To Check Out

First, a few more Formspring questions I answered:

What was your favorite toy to play with as a child?
I don't really know that I had one. I enjoyed reading more than anything, that and playing outside. Climbing trees, bicycling, swinging on our tire swing, pretending to pump gas from the (real) old gas pump  and exploring the broken-down 100+ year old barn in our backyard are among my favorite memories. Smile

What’s your most cherished possession?
Hmm...probably my photo albums from Europe. They are holding a lot of good stories!

Describe your ideal wedding.
I'll elope and marry on a beach in Rhode Island with two witnesses, or whatever the lowest number is you can have!

Keep asking! The box is to the right Smile


Now that we have that out of the way…you guys HAVE to check out this website. It’s called “When Parents Text” and it is HYSTERICAL. Open-mouthed smile Here are a few of my favorites—I literally can’t stop laughing when I read the site. My thoughts are in bold.

DAD: I’m wrestling with a big decision. Should I put an electric blanket on your bed or would your prefer just your comforter. So I thought I would ask.


MOM: How do you spell your middle name?


MOM: are there any other dvds you want for christmas? i decided im not getting you Conception- it sounds too adult (this sounds VERY familiar)


DAD: great day snowboarding. hit a deer on the way home, state trooper shot it in the head. bummer. love, dad. (if this was my dad, he would have been bummed because HE didn’t get to shoot it, the trooper did. Hahaha!)


MOM: we got the tree do u want to decorate on monday with everyone or should i do it? there is no right answer we all need to be honest


DAD: Ana, yoiur mom and I are drunk ahahahahahahaha, coukld you pleasde come picjk us up at the dinnber pplace. ill fax you the directionbs  (if I ever got this one from my dad I would just die… never going to happen!)


ME: I don’t know if mom told you but check your email I sent you something.
DAD: Is this about being friends on face book?
ME: haha no I’m going to run a 5k and i need donations.
DAD: Can not hear you, bad connection


ME: Have you left yet?
MOM: Dad found a nest of five baby rats in the garden and had to kill them with a shovel, gross. Just leaving now. (If my parents texted this is the type of text I would expect. Yes, my parents live in the middle of a field. Literally.)

Seriously…go CHECK IT OUT! (and then come back and thank me for introducing you to the site. Haha!)

Open-mouthed smile

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