Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Too Much

So, as I mentioned earlier I had written a whole post about babysitting- why I do it, what the ramifications are, etc. I don't think I can redo the whole thing but I'll try as my blogging has been well, nonexistent lately. The weather has just been so chilly and when I've been home (which is not much!) I've been hunkering down under the blankets and reading Hoda Kotb's book. I'm almost done with it but it's really interesting!

So, anyway. I work four days a week, but 10 hr days. In addition, I babysit a lot. This time of year everyone has christmas parties, work parties, Christmas shopping to do, etc. Last week I worked 65+ hours and had four extra jobs aside from my normal one.

And I'm having trouble saying no to others...some are old students, others are families I don't see often but love to when I get the chance, others are clients from the past two years that I'd hate to disappoint.

Why I enjoy babysitting (for the people who ask why I do it!) 1) the money allows me to pay off debt earlier, buy Christmas gifts, and put money aside for emergencies etc. 2) it keeps me busy and keeps my mind off the past and sometimes the future 3) I can pretend to be a mom 4) it's a flexible schedule.

This time of year though, I sometimes wish I had an easier time saying "no". I'd have time to read, shop for gifts, watch a Christmas movie or two...

So where is the line with you? How do you know when what you are trying to do is just too much? When you don't have time to clean? (check!) When you don't have time to blog? (check!) or read blogs (check!). No social life? (mostly check) Ay yi!
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  1. I am right there with you! I can't believe the state my house is in. I honestly don't think it has ever been this bad. And it all comes from working part time.


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