Friday, January 14, 2011

100 Q

From someone who keeps me entertained daily through Twitter…
I promised to participate, but was hoping to have my answers up LAST weekend. Then this happened, and the questions never got answered. I did have to skip a few, my mom reads here. Sorry, Ian.

Part I

1. How old do you act? I think totally depends on the day. If I’m working, at least my age (25) if not older. If I’m hanging with friends, likely younger, like 15.

2. Why is the sky blue? Because it’s the best color…

3. Do you burp, fart, or both in front of others? Probably not purposely, usually.

4. Someone’s writing a book based on your life. What would the title be? The Never Normal Girl

5. How many days in a row can you go without taking a dump? Not many…2ish?

6. Favorite childhood cartoon? I’m going to say the Smurfs. Or Woody Woodpecker. Does he count?

7. Would you want your mom to read this one?? Skipping…Hehe.

8. Favorite food to make/bake/cook/etc.? Hmm maybe Paul Newman Cake because it’s so YUMMY!

9. What’s one redeeming quality about mushrooms? They are a cool shape…

10. What’s wrong with Richard Simmons? Well since my roommate doesn’t read here, I’m allowed to say this. That doesn’t mean anything to me. Aka who is he?

11. Name one celebrity who needs to come out of the closet. Umm…no idea.

12. Name one redeeming quality about asparagus. As of now I don’t think I’ve had to eat it..

13. If “We Are the Champions”, what are you? Hopefully playing in the game

14. What’s something they taught you in school that should never be taught to anyone? If you miss church one Sunday you’re going to Hell.

15. What’s the deal with Steven Segal anyway? See #10

16. Name two movies that should have never been made. Napoleon Dynamite and that Chunky clownish/doll thing. Kid nightmares commence.

17. Do you enjoy to point, stare, and laugh at others? Not usually..well I do watch. I think that’s one reason I love airports!

18. Name one or more words that every time you hear them, make you cringe. Moist. and appendicitis. Snow. Ice.

19. Have you ever put anything up your butt? Not that I’m aware of.

20. What can you do better than most? Procrastinate.

21. Have you smoked pot? Nope, don’t think so!

22. Would you wrestle a member of the same sex, nude, in pudding for 10 minutes for one million dollars? Um, no.

23. Happiest moment of your life? A day in Austria when I lived there. Or a specific day I remember being on Block Island. I really haven’t done any of the usual things people would say for that question.

24. Name, in order, the body parts of the opposite sex you notice first. Eyes, eyes and eyes.

25. What or where’s the furthest you’ve been away from home? I think my friends and I figured this out and it was Poland.

26. Have you ever been to Africa? Not yet!

27. Can you currently do a split? Not if you offered to pay me $1000.

28. What’s better- a knee-jerk reaction or a polish knee slap? Knee-jerk reaction.

29. Ever given anyone a dutch oven? Seeing as I have no idea what that is, no.

30 . What's your favorite kind of apple? Whatever tastes best with colby jack cheese.

31. Favorite Muppet? Fozzie. Hands down.

32. Squash just doesn’t sound very tasty. What say you? Hmm, could take it or leave it.

33. How many sexual partners have you had? I considered skipping this one and playing the mom card again but it’s not like she doesn’t know the answer, haha. Big fat flippin 0.


  1. Oh how fun. I may steal your post idea. ;)

    OK, but HOW do you not know who Richard Simmons is?!
    The pudding thing...for a million bucks, I am not so sure my answer would remain "no". A million bucks?! It's only 10 minutes. ;)

    How many times have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? I don't think anyone likes it the 1st time seeing it, but by the 3rd it's just flat out hilarious. Watch it again! ;) (or I'll add it to the list of things I have to force upon you. Or maybe give it to you for your b-day!)


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