Sunday, January 16, 2011

100 Questions Part II

The questions from Ian continue…

34 - Favorite number? 16

35 - Favorite type of pet? A frog or fish

36- Mom card…And, see #33.

37- ahem

38- Is it better to give or receive? I actually like to give more. For the most part Winking smile

39 - When's the last time you vomited? I had the stomach flu a couple of years back…that was probably the last time.

40- Name one product you use that everyone ought to use. Haha, a computer. Likely, if you’re reading this you are onto that already!

41- What’s worse- having your period or spraining your ankle? Well the period thing comes every month but I’m kind of used to it…so I’ll say a sprained ankle.

42- What sport can you play well? I’m okay at baseball.

43- What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard/seen/done in the past week? Someone told me that I was doing well skiing today…hahaha!

44- Are you interested in being friends with someone on death row? Not particularly, no.

45- What’s 4+3*800/3? Like I want to use my day to figure that out…

46 - Who would make a better President - Sarah Palin or Cookie Monster? Sarah Palin can speak English…but I’m not sure.

47- Have you ever done a snow angel in the nude? Nope.

48- Who’s your favorite Golden Girl? I don’t have one

49 - Have you ever taken a dump out a window? No but for some reason this question reminds me of college. I’m not entirely sure why, pretty sure something has been blocked out.

50 - Favorite kind of ice cream? Cookie Dough

51 - Have you ever used Magic Shell on a member of the opposite sex? Nope

52 - If you live in California, is Japan still considered to be the "Far East?" Um…Sure. If you say so.

53 - What's the last thing you touched aside from the keyboard or the mouse? My phone

54 -Assuming you own an iPod/mp3 player, hit random and list the artist/song for the next five entries.
a – A Fine Frenzy- You Picked Me
b –Kelly Clarkson- Breakway 
c – Andrew Varner- She Picked Me
d – Caedmon’s Call- Mistake of My Life
e – Enya- Fire and Ice

55 - Who's better - Rolling Stones or the Beatles? Beatles HANDS DOWN

56 - Who's the funniest comedian, living or dead in your opinion? I’m a bit addicted to Chelsea Hander right now—not sure she’s the funniest, but she’s who comes to mind

57 - 20 years ago, Magic Johnson announced he had HIV. Is he bluffing? I’ve never given it a thought.
58 - Who do you consider to be the biggest male sex symbol? If I had a clue I’d be dating him.

59 - Who do you consider to be the biggest female sex symbol? What’s that? Huh? Whatcha say?

60 - What's one food that most people eat, that you refuse to? Mustard. and pickles.

61 - What's your best feature? Eyes probably

62 - Ever have a zit on your ass? Noooo. Ow.

63 - Having finished peeing after holding it in for quite a while is satisfying. What say you? Definitely true.

64 - Adam Sandler is funnier than Will Ferrell. What say you? I’m not a super fan of either of them to be honest.

65 - A/S/L?   25/ F/USA

66 - How many credit cards do you have? Big fat zero! YAY!

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