Friday, January 21, 2011

Contortionist View

Tonight I said farewell to a good friend. At least I semi-hope it’s a farewell.

Two Saturdays ago, Lyn called me and told me to find a cross country ski rental and come skiing with her. I made a few phone calls and ended up at Alfa less than half an hour later. For $20, I was fitted with skis, poles and shoes by Alfa and a lovely lady named Diane. She asked how often I go skiing and I laughed, telling her I hadn’t been in more than 20 years.

That first day was a bit tough. I had no idea what I was doing, fell quite a few times, but made it all three miles and was willing to give it another try the following day.

Two Sundays ago, Lyn and I headed out to a new park and explored a bit. Unfortunately, there was not much snow and as the sun was out, the little snow there was melted and we began to get stuck on weeds in the field. Attempt #2 was not so fun and we ended up carrying our skis after a mile. I returned the skies to Diane and told her I’d be back.

Last weekend, a fresh snow had fallen and again we went out. Lyn and I skied together in the beginning and then she took off. I brought my earphones and much of the time just went with the beat. Eventually, I finally felt like I had the pattern of skiing down more. The gliding was easier, I didn’t fall at all (but saw other people who did!) and I wasn’t even sore afterwards!

So, I called up my parents. I knew that my parents had skis from way back when they used to ski. They don’t use them, so I’m going to take my mom’s and put them to good use! Tonight at Alfa, I bought shoes. Funny story about this, when I called around trying to find the old style cross country ski boots, I was told a firm “nope!” by many places. One guy had a conversation with me that went like this,

Me: Hi, do you sell the old three prong cross country ski boots?
Guy, we’ll call him Buster: Oh no man.
Me: Oh, okay thanks anyway (get ready to hang up the phone)
Buster: Yea you can’t get those anymore unless you live in Denmark (or maybe he said Holland, something like that)
Me: Uh huh
Buster: Yea, no way. Not unless you check Ebay
Me: Ok thanks
Buster: Or maybe Craigslist
Me: Okay
Buster: Or a thrift store maybe
Me: Uhh…
Buster: Or a yard sale
Me: (thinking) I GET THE IDEA!!!!
Me: Okay thank you goodbye.

Anyway, turns out Buster was wrong, who would have guessed! Alfa sells them. So, tomorrow (hopefully) I will have a full set and my dad and I can go out for a little while.

I really do have skill with this skiing thing. Would you like to see a picture?


Oh wait..this is how I usually look while skiing. The above one depicts my mad skill…that’s not quite it, but at one point during our first skiing expedition, all the sudden I found myself seriously twisted up! My friend was surprised I hadn’t broken anything! Open-mouthed smile


Happy Trails!


  1. I need to learn how to ski. It seems like fun.

  2. I have never skied. I think I would break multiple bones!

  3. You look awesome! Which I'm envious of, as I have NO skiing ability at all!

  4. Love it! Went xx skiing while I was home over Christmas and had a wonderful time! Enjoy!

  5. you look like a pro!!! ;-) glad you enjoyed it


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