Sunday, January 16, 2011



It’s funny…I write posts ALL the time. While I’m driving in the car, posts for the blog are being written in my head. The problem is that apparently there isn’t an app for reading my brain yet! LOL Winking smile 

Anyway, it’s been quite a busy week here! Last Sunday after skiing part II, I spent a good amount of time at one of my (only) favorite clothing stores- Kohl’s. I had a lot of gift cards and I put them to use! I got all the shirts below (um, can you tell what colors I like to wear? Hehe…) as well as a pair of sweatpants that match the zip up sweatshirt on the far left. They are soooo nice and warm. When I got home with the huge bag, my roommate Hope said, “Well, might as well show me what you bought so I don’t buy the same things!” The last year I worked at school, we wore VERY similar outfits more than one time. It was funny!


Umm…what else! I know I have a lot to share. Oh! Well, today was the first time I have seen the sun in what seems like forevvvver. I read somewhere that it’s snowed 31 days since December 1 or so. Between the snowy days and ones that were cloudy but no precipitation actually came down, I really was sorely needing to see the sun! I was up before 7:30 for some odd reason so I went to an early Mass and then picked up some food, ran a couple errands and then ended up at a local park. I bike at this park a lot when it’s warmer and I decided to take a walk around the lake. Ohhhh my gosh, it was SO cold but you know what? I’m still glad I went. I had to take advantage of the sun. Smile


Earlier this week, my friend Lexi and I went out to lunch on my day off. We hit up a very cute local coffee shop and then headed to a new cupcake venue. Ohh man were they delicious! I picked up a newspaper and noticed that an art center was hosting pottery classes. I’m trying to get out more, and I’ve enjoyed pottery in the past but when I looked at the classes a lot of them had already started or were not accepting any more students. I looked online later in the week for other pottery classes and I found one! It’s very close to where I work and doesn’t start until next week. I’ll let you know how it goes. I think it’s only 3 or 4 weeks long but hopefully it will be fun!

I feel like I was on the phone a lot more than normal this week! As a little back story, when I was a live-in nanny in Massachusetts I worked 60 hours a week and had no social life- literally. I was working 6-6 and while I had a great time with the family, I think I had to leave there so that I WOULD meet people. Now I’ve been settled here for almost 4 years (woah!!!!) and have friends here, but everyone is busy. Of course, between work and babysitting, I am too, but I still find myself with empty evenings.

So, in addition to the pottery class, I decided to look for a bowling league. I must have called at least 10 alleys around town. The first, most popular one was starting leagues but not accepting single people for the teams, they needed/wanted whole teams. I kept calling and found one that was Friday nights—only it started THAT day and I had errands I had to do that night. Other than it being short notice, I was fine with it and agreed. A while later, one of the other alleys called and told me they have a Sunday evening league and needed someone for a team already made up of two girls who just graduated from college and some guy from a church group. I decided to join that one instead- it’s less weeks, less $$, and that way I don’t have to worry that I’ll be getting out of work too late. It starts in a few hours so wish me luck!

Well, there are lots more posts floating around in my head. We’ll see if any of them make it to paper!


  1. I am so thrilled to hear you so happy and that you are getting involved in all sorts of things. I took pottery classes for years and loved it- very therapeutic - and enjoy the bowling!!!

  2. the bowling league sounds awesome!! good luck!! do you guys wear the same shirts?? lol i bet the pottery class will be fun too!! yay!


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