Sunday, January 02, 2011

December Budget Review

I’m beginning to write this in mid-December because, well, how better to remember how things went than to write about it as it’s happening??

-- I got a bonus from work at the beginning of the month. All of the money went directly into my savings account that will likely be used to buy a (new to me) car in 2011.

-- I also “cashed in” some points I had from my bank. I forget how I earn these points- purchases with my debit card w/ pin number or something. I haven’t really been paying attention to them but I had enough for $100 cash so that went into savings as well.

-- I am almost done with my Christmas shopping and so far, so good. I bought some gifts at Target only to find they were cheaper online, so I returned them. I also returned my winter coat for the second time because the sleeves were too short. Either that or my arms were too long. Halfway through the month, the notebook/1 envelope for all-things-bought-with-cash is working well for me, as long as I remember to update it daily.


  1. YAY! Gotta love bonuses! I'm proud of you for putting it in savings b/c that's not easy! Most people have that PLAN but then fail once they get the money! Good job!

    I'm glad you like the envelope system. We've become disciplined enough that we don't need it anymore but we still do it when we go on vacation!

  2. I love the envelope system. Discipline level aside, I think it's much easier to balance the account out. I feel good when we pay cash.

    I'm proud of you. You are doing so well! We had home-fixing problems that sucked away our money, and we are still not back on track.


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