Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I awoke at 5:30 this morning, for no good reason. I laid awake for a awhile and eventually fell back asleep until my alarm buzzed an hour later, forcing me to begin my work day.

In that timespan of an hour though, I had a few vivid dreams.

In the first one, I was driving down a road near my house. I travel on it multiple times a week and in the middle of it there is a straight stretch. There was a car in front of me and BAM! I wasn't watching at.all and crashed into the other car. As a result I've been extra careful driving today, especially with the boys in the car. Every time I'm on a straight stretch of road that part of the dream comes back to me.
(Post script: I wrote this post while at work earlier today. After I wrote it, I found out that someone ran my brother & sister off the road last night! They are fine...but isn't it strange/coincidental that I had a dream that involved a car crash the same evening?? Sppooooky!)

Isn't it weird how dreams can completely affect you? It's annoying sometimes but then you wonder why you are dreaming about certain things.

In the second dream, I was at my old school. I have dreams about my old work place at least once a week still. In this particular one a bunch of my coworkers, my old boss and I were sitting in a sports bar type place. My boss was giving us our evaluations (although we never got them when I worked there) and she was doing it publicly, so that everyone in our meeting heard what she had to say. Even though in the dream I didn't currently work at school, my boss was giving me one as well. It didn't go well, just like all of our "meetings" last year. As it ended my coworkers were all laughing at me. It wouldn't really happen but I found myself going through the day thinking of what time it was and what I'd usually be doing. (11:20, welcoming my lunchers. 2:00, keeping the nappers in line. 3:15, doing circle). I haven't done that in quite a long time but it really brought my mood down.

Anyone want to be my dream analyst? I think I need one!


  1. That's weird about the car dream you had! You must have been "seeing" something!

    And the work dream just confirms that you made the right decision in leaving!

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