Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Game Nanny

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Earlier this week, Laney didn’t have school. It wasn’t a school day for Derek either, so I loaded up all the kids in the van and we headed off for a day of adventure.

After the kids played for a while at an indoor playset-selling warehouse (they display the playsets and the kids can jump on trampolines, climb ropes, slide down sldes…and then try to convince their parents to buy one of playsets Winking smile ) we headed outdoors, crossed the parking lot, and came to the van.

And suddenly, Derek was throwing a three year old fit. I forget now what it was about, likely that he didn’t want to get into and buckle his carseat.

Nevertheless, Laney got upset.

“Derek, we are going to have someone come and get you and bring you home so we can go to McD’s and play in the play area!!!”, she proclaimed.

I asked her who she could suggest to come get him- I think she was worried that if he wasn’t going to behave, we were going to end up at home. Being that she rarely gets to go anywhere with us due to carseat/space in the car issues, because it was her day off she had chosen the McD’s playplace as where she thought we should go.

Anyway, Laney decided that it should be the old nanny who should come and get Derek. At first, she couldn’t remember the old nanny’s name, so I reminded her.

“Yep. We didn’t like Leigh. We liked her baby, but not her”, was Laney’s response.

As I pressed a little more—what do I do that Leigh didn’t do….or what did Leigh do that I don’t do…and then Laney and I burst out laughing at the wording, but I soon got the answer.

“You do something that Leigh didn’t do. You play with us”

Aw…it was so sad. I DO play with the kids. Laney and I have an ongoing game of Dominos going, and many a day we can be seen getting out any of the multiple board games their family owns. We bake, read library books, do artsy projects…

But I’ve been a bit worried lately that I wasn’t doing all I could with the older two. Tobin has been sick with a cold for what seems like weeks now and has been clingy. By nature, the two oldest play together extremely well…so well, that some days I barely see them! I knew that one of the reasons the family decided it wasn’t working with the former nanny was that she didn’t spend time with Laney and Derek. So I try, but some days they just prefer to play with the two of them…what’s a nanny to do? Smile

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So, that’s me…the game nanny, I suppose. I’m glad to do something that Leigh didn’t- and for kids’ easy, honest answers.


  1. Aw, so sweet! Those kids are lucky to have you. :) I hope you feel good about the job you do! You should!

  2. Our gas budget is normally $160/month. My husband bikes to work most days and I try to carpool whenever possible (1 or 2 days ea wk). The reason it's only $75 is b/c if I'm not working, I won't be driving to work everyday which is the bulk of our gas budget. Hope that helps explain it! And of course I'll give you advice later on your post! You know it!


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